May 25, 2015

Wrinkle Cream: Expensive or Inexpensive way to Erase Wrinkles?

Imagine a child holding a marker draw lines on a woman’s face from the forehead, going to the side of the eyes, to the sides of the  nose and lastly around the mouth. Imagine the rage a woman would do if she finds these lines all around her face. But the anger will be thrice as much if the lines can’t be easily erased by washing. And that’s what happens when one got wrinkles.

Wrinkles are creases or fold caused by too much stress or unhealthy lifestyle but is natural to occur when age advances. On the other hand, onset can be delayed with proper skin care, balanced nutrition and healthy and active lifestyle. But for those who have it already, they would indeed resort to ways to cover or totally erase the wrinkles. And one solution that is readily available is the use of wrinkle creams.

What’s so Special about these Creams?

On Contents. Wrinkle creams are said to contain potent substances such as antioxidants, moisturizers, anti-inflammatory ingredients, protein peptides, vitamin-like nutrients and natural plant extracts that all aids in helping the skin regenerate and look better.

On Availability and Result. Creams available in the market right now can be purchased even without dermatologists’ prescription. Whichever you feel has stronger advertising impact shall be picked from the shelves and paid in the counter. Majority of them has instructions that they have to be applied several times a day for a certain number of weeks to see the effect. Many have tried and many have seen significant effects too.

On Price. A tube of cream is quite expensive compared to other lotions and normal moisturizers but it is way cheaper compared to other procedures to remove wrinkles like non-surgical and surgical face lift and Botox treatment. It’s also more convenient and cost-effective.

What could be its limitations?

Studies and Tests. Not all of the creams have been clinically proven to give the result as claimed. There is serious danger when using untested products on the skin especially the face, being the most sensitive skin in the body.


Allergies. Allergic reaction is one. If there is an ingredient that is not tested in humans, there might be untoward reaction like redness due to irritation, itchiness and even rashes that might grow to wounds and the like.


Contents. Some contents might be pure synthetic that the skin cannot tolerate. Skin is very individualized to its capacity to tolerate products that are not natural to the skin. Instead of erasing the wrinkles, it might even add to it.

Price. Yes, creams are a lot cheaper compared to surgical procedure but if you will compute the price per tube and the number of months it is to be used to give result, it might even equate to the price of having a botox injection or a non-surgical face lift.

Sometimes it is really hard to decide what to do because of too many advantages and disadvantages. What one wants is just to erase the wrinkles and have a face as good as new. But before the start of any regimen, it is still better to ask your friendly dermatologists and skin experts.

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